Beef is occationally available in half or wholes. $7/lb hanging weight, plus $85 processing fee. Beef hanging weights vary based on breed. Usually, our dairy steers are around 70-100 lbs hanging weight per quarter.


 Beef is dropped off at Arapahoe Meat Co. in Lafayette for custom processing for you. Meat will be picked up by you at Arapahoe Meat Co and processing fees paid directly to Arapahoe. Lamb is typically done processing 10-14 days after we drop off the animal, and Arapahoe appreciates meat being picked up within 7 days of completion.

Beef sides are currently sold our for 2021. Retail cuts are available, a farm share purchase is required first.

Want to buy retail cuts? Our pricing is here



On occasion, we bring in a beef steer or two. When the pasture is healthy and we can allow a mooey or two to raise as grass-fed beef for us and our customers.  

We've been trying to find weaned steer calves to bring onto the farm. This ensures they were fed milk from their moms, which encourage healthy immune systems and good growth as youngsters. They come to the farm and are grass fed, never corn finished, and live with us until we are ready to have them processed. 

We do not have plans to breed our own, or ever maintain a dairy herd, just a few beef steers every so often.