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Turkey Reservations are coming...

Our CSA customers have already had the link sent out to reserve Thanksgiving turkeys. That's one of the perks of being a member. However, on September 1, the link is going to drop on Facebook and via our email list to the rest of the world as well. Turkey reservations are coming! We are, as we say every year, raising more birds than last year. I estimate at least 100 will be available! I'm so excited! So keep your eyes and ears out for the link to reserve your Thanksgiving turkey. We have other options as well, We'll have another link available for folks that want to help us harvest all those turkeys! What we get are extra hands to help us get through 100 turkeys in 3 days. What you guys

Knee Deep in Chicken Stuff

Sorry we haven't had a ton of interesting stuff to say lately... We're just exhausted right now. We've been on the farm for over 9 years now, and what a difference it has made on our knees and backs! This is the time of year when the county fairs are ending. All of these gorgeous meat birds and double breasted turkeys that were raised at the fair are coming to us to be butchered. Last Sunday's butchering took longer than expected. And the sucker that I am, when my Sundays get full, I start offering up Friday afternoons. I've got my hands full! I am looking forward to Labor Day weekend, and hopefully taking a break from some LABOR! The beneficiaries from all our hard work, aside from the fami

Repost: A Lesson on Chicken Types

OK, there are a variety of chicken breeds out there, and I am not going to go into detail on specific breeds and characteristics of different breeds. But, we do put "types" on the different birds we sell, so I wanted to give a little lesson on what it means to the meat consumer. Cornish Rock Cross The most common meat chicken is the Cornish Rock Cross. This is a bird that has spent decades being cross-bred to select for fast growth. They are a hybrid of a White Rock and a Cornish. The White Rock brings the white feathers and pale skin, the light colored feet. The Cornish brings the size. + = It's a little more complicated than that. The two strains of birds have to be selected to produce t

Blast from the past - 9 years ago...

Chickens are BIG, puppies are fun, and the ARK ​​ Goliath says "Come on! It's time to feed the chickens! Aren't you coming?" Puppies are checking out the field to make sure everything is OK for this chickens this morning. The chickens are getting big, and the turkeys are getting even bigger. These big fat white chickens have NO idea what is in store for them soon, very soon. The scalder, dunker, plucker and scale have been ordered, and Larry has set the market price... Anyone want fresh chicken for dinner? This is the "Ark". It's not finished, as we still need to build and install the nesting boxes, so the egg layers have a place to perch and lay eggs. They aren't laying yet, and we still ha

REPOST: Reduce Reuse Recycle

OK folks, first, I want to admit that I have run this post before! I will be putting new content onto the new blog, but before my Blogger site disappears into obscurity, I am going to be bringing over the best of the content over there. Not necessarily in any ranked order! But this one has been on my mind lately, so here it is... re-purposed... recycled... We try very hard to reduce our impact on the environment. We try not to eat food out of boxes (aside from the chemicals and junk in it) we don't have to throw out a box! (Larry's a pretty good cook, too!). We compost our food scraps, or feed them to the chickens (or the chickens raid the compost bins!). We feed our dogs some of the extra

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