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Repost: A Lesson on Turkeys

I finally found some turkey eggs this past week and starting sticking them in the incubator! I am so excited to hatch some poults this year! So I decided to talk a little bit about turkeys. We get a lot of questions about them, here are some answers. First, just relatively, here are the sizes of the eggs we see on the farm. We don't raise guineas anymore, but here are the comparable sizes of some eggs. Guineas and Chickens take 21 days to hatch. Turkeys take 28, so we have to wait a whole 4 weeks to see if these eggs are ready to go! The shells are thicker, so they are harder to candle. Ducks, well it depends on the breed. We won't get into that, since we are talking turkey today. So folks o

Halal Lamb Slaughter

We have had the absolute joy of working with a few families over the last 2 years with butchering lamb on the farm Halal. It's been a big learning process for us, but just like our chickens, these lambs never have the stressful ride to the processor. They get to stay on the farm and become food and go home with a family that really appreciates them. Now, I am not well-studied on Islam. But I am a fan of their upcoming holiday, Eid al-Adha, which is also known as the Sacrifice Feast. Apparently our Muslim friends have been talking to each other and we have an unprecedented number of requests for Halal slaughter for Eid, coming up in Mid-September. One of the things I enjoy about this holid

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