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And then I fixed it...

What started as a quick fence fix turned into fixing something we thought was stuck years ago. First, I had to fix the fencing across this gate. Years ago, we put fencing about half way up from the bottom to keep Atlas and Goliath from squeezing under the gate and running off. Now we have Loki, and he was crawling through the gates just above the fencing. So I had to string new fencing across to go all the way up, to keep him in. To the right, just out of the picture is what I call a "person gate". It's an opening in the fence section that can open for a person to go through. 9 or so years ago, we noticed that this gate was closed with a chain and a lock. The chain is actually holding the en

Overwhelming October

Whew... this is a tough time of year! We finally got the last of our meat birds processed this past weekend, so a few less mouths to feed. We hardly notice difference, with over 100 turkeys roaming around, the feed it disappearing pretty quickly. I hope some folks REALLY want some big birds this year. Remember that time I explained how I ordered the wrong birds in April? Yeah, those toms are 30+ pounds now. Really hoping the girls keep their size in check, and come in closer to 20 lbs, but there are some big turkeys out there. Speaking of turkeys, don't forget to reserve yours for Thanksgiving. We are more than half-way sold out, and usually sell out by the end of the month! I did just unof

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