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Some Fun Turkey Statistics

OK, I guess I am done hibernating for Thanksgiving Week. It takes a while to recover from the long processing weekend. Thanks again to all of our volunteers that helped us get through all of these birds. We hit a record this year, and it's kind of insane. Let's look back on previous years. 2009 - we sold 19 turkeys. I believe this was our first year selling turkeys. 2010 - we sold 37 - so we saw the demand and upped our game a little 2011 - we sold 30 birds - not sure why the numbers dropped off 2012 - we sold 67 birds - again, increased the size of our flock 2013 - we sold 75 birds 2014 - we sold 65 birds 2015 - we sold 76 birds 2016 - we sold 131 birds! The total weight was just over a T

Happy Birthday, Hercules!

My big doofus just turned 2! Here's a picture of him earlier this year, next to Moose. I think he might be bigger than him! This was our little fluff ball on his car ride home at 10 weeks. Just a little bundle of fluff and snuggles. He still is, but there's no little about him. We took him out for a pasture walk as a pup to get the lay of the land and learn how to guard from the big boys. As he kept getting bigger, I noticed I could not, for the life of me, train this dog! I trained both Atlas and Goliath and Moose to come when called, and sit on command. I also have hand signals I taught to all of them. This one just wasn't getting it. I know that Pyrenees are stubborn, not so sure about

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