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2016 in Review

OK, I'm not talking about across the world, seriously, can't even talk about Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Gene Wilder, Carrie Fisher? COME ON 2016, you've done enough damage. QUIT IT! I'm talking about the farm. I like to think back on some of the things we've done that have made improvements on the farm, and changes for the better. Let's see how our year went. We had a typical January - lambs being born on the farm, which is always fun! Three of those lambs were Spike, Pipsqueak and Gummy. Their mom was Shirley, our first and oldest sheep. She has been an amazing mama for us. But something was wrong this time. She knew those babies were hers, and she had had triplets in the past. But she

Lamb Statistics

For anyone that doesn't know...I'm an engineer by day. That often means I'm a spreadsheet jockey. I love numbers, they always tell a story. For many years, I've been tracking data on each of my ewes. Do they have singles, doubles or triples? Do they have boys or girls? Will they be as awesome as Shirley? I realized that my first round at judging my sheep was lacking. I was tracking the average size of their lambs. But there were several factors that made that an inadequate judgement. First, rams are bigger than ewes. True facts. Second, singles grow bigger than doubles who grow bigger than triples. Think of the resource management there - a single lamb gets all the milk mama produces. Twins

Deep Pectoral Myopathy

We've had our fair share of learning things the hard way. Sometimes, we scratch our heads and think maybe those guys raising chickens inside big concrete buildings are doing something right. Don't worry, that thought doesn't stay in our heads too long. But a late April or May snow storm, and we are outside in snow suits trying to cover our chickens up in rows of plastic, with heat lamps, and their feeders under tarps... sometimes a building seems like the sane thing to do. We've had an outbreak of Mycoplasma (respiratory infection) that caused us to cull our entire flock in 2013. We've had predator issues that took out my favorite rooster one year, as well as many from his harem. But all in

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