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15 Lambs and a Bottle Baby

Freckles gave birth yesterday to a ram lamb we named Obi Wan Kenobi. He's pretty cute. Nope, there isn't anything in his mouth, those are just the markings on his face! Freckles is a young mom, but this isn't her first lamb. She was pretty nervous having us around last night, but they settled down together to go to sleep. Obi Wan is Freckles' second lamb, and the 15th born on the farm in 2017. He's number 199 born on the farm in total! The next mom to go (I suspect will be Juno or Betty) will be number 200! Things are going well, but we do have a bottle lamb. R2D2 was born to Dancer. He was her first born, and I was able to get a video of the birth of her second. She did not abandon him out

5 more Lambs

We had 5 more lambs born. Two were born to Skadi overnight, Lyra and Jyn. When I came in early morning, Dancer had just had one and was still cleaning him off (R2D2), and I was able to watch her give birth to C3P0. I actually got it on video on my cellphone, so the quality is about as good as the photos below. I will likely post it to our youtube channel. It's a little graphic, as births generally are. But she was so concerned about cleaning off her first lamb, that she kept standing up during labor, and the poor little fella actually fell to the ground. He's just fine, but it's surprising to watch. Anyhow, we split them up into different stalls during the day, because the lambs seemed confu

Lamb Count at 9 with Triplets

Monday morning, Sharon gave us three more little lovely lambies. Han Solo, Chewbacca and Millenium Falcon! And yes, we were pretty sure Sharon would give us triplets. Sharon was a triplet, herself. Big brothers Berg and Pete are long gone from the farm, but Sharon got to stay. She is the daughter of Shirley, whom we said goodbye to almost a year ago. Shirley was our only other ewe to ever give triplets. She did it every other year. Sometimes twins, sometimes triples, never a single. We had high hopes for Sharon. Her mom did great with triplets. And aside from her last set of babies, Shirley was always able to feed all of her babies. Sharon did surprise us with three her first time out of th

Lamb Count at 6

Alright, a really nervous and edgy Persephone gave us another set of twins today. Mon Motha and Admiral Akbar. Yeah, Star Wars names are going to be interesting this year. Something we decided to do this year was to add ear tags. We bought them from Premier 1 Supplies. The link will show you the size we decided to get. They aren't super expensive and you can get them custom printed. We have them serialized, 17XX, with 17 for the year, and XX from 01 to 80. Just in case we have a bunch this year! The other side says LSF for Long Shadow Farm. We decided to try ear tags after we had about 6 lambs that were solid black all within days of each other. This made it hard to track them and know ex

Two More Lambs

Lambing season is in full swing! We keep expecting lambs any day, but are surprised at how full the mama's are, and they aren't birthing yet. Anyhow, we are waiting for Angel and Sharon, who are very full. But yesterday were surprised when Hattie gave us these two cuties. Queen Amidala and Padme. OK, so in honor of Carrie Fisher, who represented one of the most kick butt Princesses to grace the silver screen, I am using Star Wars names this year. The utter lack of female names is going to make this as challenging as the year I did Norse Mythology (and had wonderful names like Skeggold and Olrun to line up with Thor and Odin). So I am going to have to dig deep into Star Wars canon to find fe

First Lambs of 2017

I had my money on Freyja! Every morning when I let the sheep out, I do a bit of a walk around. I get to see who's pregnant, who might not be, sometimes see the rams in action. But I've been watching the size of my ewes' udders grow and it gives me an idea of who might lamb soon. I had my money on Freyja! Now, Angel, by far has the biggest bags. But most of the ladies' bags get to be the size of a BASKETBALL before they birth. They are so big, they get in the way of their rear legs. That's why I knew Angel wasn't going to go first. I had my money on Freyja! She has sneaked in the first birth in a batch the last time. And her bags were about the size of a women's water polo ball. Not that I ex

A Lesson on Chicken Terms

OK, so I've done some educational posts in the past. I won't redo this one, but I'll post it here. If you want to learn about the different breeds of chickens and what makes a meat breed and what makes a laying breed... read this old post here. Actually, this article awesomely describes all these words. But as usual, let me give you a little story first. It's been almost 10 years since we moved to the farm. Both of us have farming in our roots, but it's mostly farming, not ranching. (Those are two more foggy definitions... farmers grow crops, ranchers raise livestock, not sure if chickens count...) My grandpa ran a potato farm in Mid-Michigan. Larry's grandpa grew wheat on the Eastern Plai

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