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Baby Birds are Here

I know when spring has sprung, because we start hearing peeping noises from the incubator. OK, that makes it sound like a surprise, but I had put the duck eggs in a month prior, and our chicken eggs in 3 weeks ago. But now they are hatching! And we know it's time to get off of our winter duffs and start working. We cleaned the main area of the barn on Saturday, and put the brooder back together. This week, we will get bunches of wood chips to fill the brooders. We checked the heat bulbs and the thermostats. We got the little feeders and waterers and tubs upstairs for the chicks and ducklings that get to stay upstairs for their first few days. And then the eggs started to pip. We have, as of

Spring is Springing

We've been getting a lot of little things done around the farm. We got our first batch of meat chicks in, so the brooder was set up and automatic waterers hooked in. They have nifty new platforms for their waterers to keep them from kicking chips in! Which is great! I've been hatching ducklings and Rhode Island Red chicks in the incubator (or Stink-inbator as my daughter calls it) The first batch of ducklings has moved from their small brooder in the house, into a bigger one in the barn. I've been selling a lot of those, so we'll see how many we get in the end. We squeezed in the time to get some grass seed planted on some bald patches on the pasture, just in time for the rain to get them a

Repost: Duck Eggs vs. Chicken Eggs

We originally posted this on our original blog back in June, 2012. And since our ducks are happily laying eggs again, I wanted to repost this info regarding the difference between duck eggs and chicken eggs. Read on.... We've had a lot of questions lately about duck eggs versus chicken eggs. Are they different? Do they taste different? What's the deal? Well, here are some answers for you. I'll let you read it from the experts yourselves, but the short answer is: They have a slightly higher fat content, they have more albumen in the whites (this is why it's great for baking, it makes things fluffier!), their shells are thicker so they can store longer, and of course, some folks have an allerg

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