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10 Years on the Farm!

We are celebrating our 10-year Farmiversary this weekend. We hope you can join us at a little shindig on the farm to celebrate! In the meantime, here is a little walk down memory lane, and some of the changes we have seen along the way. The first thing we started with on the farm were chickens. Literally hundreds of chickens. We had never raised any birds before in our life, and instead of starting with a few, we dove right in. Here is a picture of me with one of our first meat birds. My hair hasn't changed a bit in 10 years! We ended up getting a line on a couple of Great Pyrenees pups that needed rescuing shortly after, which brought us to getting these two dudes. Atlas and Goliath also

Lando Cowrissian and Count Mooku

We now have 2 new steers on the farm. We've done something a little different this year. We have, randomly, in the past raised a few steers. Our first was Marlow, back in 2009-2010. He was a dairy steer, a Brown Swiss that was 8 weeks old, that we purchased for $75! We've raised several dairy steers since then, but they often have issues. One of the problems with dairy steers, is they are often taken from their mothers very soon after birth, and put on a bottle. Dairies don't need all their steers, so they often sell them young. This allowed us to transport them easily, back when we didn't have a trailer (that fabulous bright blue thing in the background!) They were inexpensive to purchase

All the Brooders are Full!

Spring is really springing now! Our first batch of meat chicks are getting close to leaving their brooder. It's hard to believe how time is flying! Our tank brooders in the tack room have our first two hatches of ducklings, and our first hatch of Rhode Island Reds. The brooders in the house have freshly hatched ducklings, and more Rhode Island Reds are getting ready to hatch today. Last but not least, or first batch of heritage turkeys have arrived! These guys will be the first round of re-starting our turkey flock on the farm. Most of the toms will be for Thanksgiving, but most of the ladies will get to stay to hatch my own turkeys for next year. We try to be self-sustaining here on the fa

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