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Not the Way I Wanted to Say Goodbye

We lost Cindy this week. It isn't the way I wanted her to go. The irony, is that I had planned for her to go this year. I wrote about this already. She was one of our oldest sheep (and possibly older than I thought she was, as I may have been lied to when I bought her). She struggled with her pregnancy this year, and we needed to help make sure she had enough vitamins to support her. That was when I decided not to let her get pregnant again and let her go to her final rest. I was planning on it this summer, making sure her lamb was old enough to thrive without her. Then a freak winter storm hit in May. I know this seems ridiculous, as they survive just fine all winter long through snow and

Second Round of Lambing

So my mama ewes that did not get pregnant by Tank before he left last fall, got pregnant by Viserys - have all (but one) given birth. We are now up to 32 lambs on the farm. Of course, it's pretty common in winter for the lambs to be born on the coldest, snowiest nights. No snow, but they did manage to pick some rainy, muddy days to give birth so far this spring. We have a few issues this spring. Peppermint Patty, one of Shirley's offspring, has a raging case of mastitis. I don't think we can clear this one up at all. She is very attentive to her girls, but they do require milk supplements. Thankfully I had stocked up on colostrum replacer and powdered milk, just in case. They are doing wel

Saying Goodbye to Schroediger

Preface: This blog originated when we first moved to Colorado in 2006 as a way to communicate our new adventures to our friends back home in Michigan, and others in faraway places. It was not a business website, it was just a personal blog. It evolved over time to focus mainly on the farm. But every now and then something personal slips through. Such as today. Schroediger (named after the physicist Schroedinger - but Larry is dyslexic and lost that N) was the last pet we had that was a pre-farm pet. Schroed was acquired long before Larry met me and moved to Detroit. Schroed was 23 years old. He was brought home while Larry was in college, just 5 weeks old and away from his mom too soon, he w

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