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We're NPIP Certified!

Hooray! We have our NPIP certification! NPIP stands for National Poultry Improvement Plan. The intent is to help keep poultry-related diseases from spreading. For the most part, this program is required for any hatchery or breeder that sells birds outside of their home state. We don't have plans to do this, but would allow someone from Wyoming to buy chicks from us. We aren't really in the hatchery business, but this program protects us, too. We can only bring birds into our flocks that are from NPIP sources. So no stray roosters are allowed here anymore. It closes down our flock, and ensures we aren't bringing diseases in from the outside. To get certified, the folks at the Avian Program at

Berthoud Farmer's Market starts SOON!

OOH! Market season is about to begin in Berthoud! We are in Fickel Park again, every Saturday from June 24 through September 29. We hope to see you there! We'll have canned goods, eggs, chicken, turkey, duck and lamb with us at the market! Want to find out more? Visit the Berthoud Local website to find out more about the market. There is still space for more vendors, so if you have locally grown food, local crafts or services, join us at the market! We have live music each week, food trucks and many local vendors offering fresh vegetables, flowers, cheese, honey and more! We kick off the first week in conjunction with Hops and Harley, hosted by City Star Brewing. The market has extended ho

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