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What is Chutney?

I had WAY too much winter squash last year, and was struggling to find ways to cook it, ways to consume it, and dedicated to turning it into human food, instead of chicken food. My family was tired of my squash soup, which is usually an all-around favorite. So I found this chutney recipe in one of my canning books, and gave it a try. It made the kitchen smell delightful! We tried some on pork chops and were sold. I spent several days canning all the winter squash I could to make this chutney. It's sweet and spicey, and uses some wonderful things in my kitchen - including a huge box of raisins I had stumbled upon, and some fenugreek seeds that were rather hard to come by. Thankfully, I had

All Sort of Things Breaking

So many broken things... First, Larry drove the tractor over a board with a nail in it, and popped a tire. Thankfully it was one of those smaller front tires, and not a humongous back tire. But still. Popped tire. Unusable tractor. So we can't move the chicken truck, can't unload hay... just stuff. That can't be done because we have to fix a tire. But with all this rain, the tractor isn't going anywhere anyhow. Also some broken fence. We tore down a section of fence that last year's steers cribbed, between the orchard and the winter chicken zone. It has not been put up. This year's steers learned the chicken zone fence is weak, and pushed it over, getting into the orchard and knocking over t


This is our new, NEW website! I am trying to bring over the best content from our old site, and restart the blog here. There is a link in the menu to the old blog. I will be copying over my old content to here, but thought I'd start by just getting the new site launched. I hope this one works even better with mobile phones, as the other site just didn't convert well. SO, welcome aboard to Long Shadow Farm web 3.0.

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