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What I've Learned About Duck Eggs

We've been raising ducks for a few years now, but it's taken us a while to get into a rhythm with them. I believe I started out with Khaki Campbell's, a hybrid that was supposed to lay a lot of eggs. We let them live on our pond, and had the daily chore of walking around the pond and looking for eggs. Sometimes, all we found were shells, sometimes we found a pile of feathers. Most of the time, I almost fell in every time. I always wanted to bring the ducks in from the big pond and provide them a different swimming source. In the winter, we always brought them off the pond before it froze. But trying to convince ducks to sleep in a coop is not as easy as it is for chickens. We went through

Raising Chickens - Planning for Processing

This is a repost from our old blog, but thought I would publish it again. It's kind of not fair for me to do this now, as we are BOOKED for the rest of the year for poultry processing... Anyone out there looking for a business opportunity, this is IT! Colorado needs more of us to do this!! A lot of folks are taking to raising their own chickens these days, whether they are a few backyard egg layers for your own breakfast omelets, or a pasture full or meat chickens to fill your freezer, it's becoming more and more common for folks to raise their own. I think this is GREAT! We love birds, and knowing someone is raising them in their backyard means it's that many birds NOT put into battery cag

Planning for Purchasing Lamb

There are two ways to purchase lamb on our farm. The first, and quickest is to purchase from our freezer stock. This is already butchered, packaged into cuts (see below for our standard cuts) and available anytime we are home on the farm for you to come and purchase. This still requires a little bit of planning - if you wait until the very last minute, we might not be home to sell you some lamb. But for the most part, we are around on weekends, and in the evenings, if you call, and we are home, you can come by for some lamb - individual cuts or packages of a whole or half a lamb. The second way is if you want something special. We don't stock whole lamb carcasses in our freezer - we just don

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