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Happy Winter Solstice: A Look Back on 2017

Ah, one of my ironically favorite days: Solstice! A celebration of winter, and the shortest day of the year. The critters and I get some extra sleep and I get excited knowing that longer days are ahead. It's a great time to snuggle under some blankets with some hot chocolate and get some rest. While looking at the year end that is before us, I like to take this time to think of the things we did well, the things we didn't do well, the changes we made and what we have in store for the new year. What went well in 2017 We raised and sold more turkeys than we ever have before - 192! It seems the limiting factor now is not how many can we raise and process, but how fast I can keep up with custome

Repost: A Lesson onTurkey Eggs

get a lot of questions about turkey eggs. How do they taste? Why can't I find them in stores? How many eggs do turkeys lay? First, just relatively, here are the sizes of the eggs we see on the farm. We don't raise guineas anymore, but here are the comparable sizes of some eggs. Guineas and Chickens take 21 days to hatch. Turkeys take 28. The shells are thicker, so they are harder to candle. Ducks, well it depends on the breed. We won't get into that, since we are talking turkey today. Even though their eggs are not that much bigger than a chickens', the shells are MUCH thicker! I made hard boiled turkey eggs once and cut my fingers trying to peel them. For an egg that doesn't really taste a

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