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Goodbye Peppermint Patty

Remember this post? This is the post where I shared some of my ewe data, the info that helps me determine which ewe is going to leave the flock. I do like to eliminate, intentionally, at least one ewe per year. First, it provides yummy breakfast sausage for us and our customers. It gives a meaningful purpose for the end of their life, a final way to make sure they are honored for all that they have given us. It also ensures a quick and painless death, no suffering. We have had ewes suffer, and it's just not OK. In the past, the decision has sort of made itself. It was either a poor performer, an attitude problem, or very clear signs that it was time, even when it was so very hard to say goo

Price update

I have mentioned that prices will be going up this year, so here is our pricing update for 2018. Some of the good news: Lamb prices are not changing at all. Egg prices are going up just slightly. And though chicken prices are going up, I will hold the 2017 prices on our stock from last year until they are sold out. So come on out and buy some chicken from our freezers, until the new stock is processed in May. OH, and CSA members - your prices are staying the same for 2018, but will be adjusted a bit in 2019. But before I post the price list for the year, let's talk about why. Many years ago, I did a study on egg prices, based on my expenses. Folks, I'm not getting rich selling eggs. And we

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