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More Sheep Statistics

We have completed yet another lambing season, which has been fun. A few bumps along the way. But all in all a good set of babies and happy mamas. I started tracking a lot of data on our flock. I am hoping to build a somewhat predictive model so that I have an estimate on weight, based on age and some other factors. I often have people call and ask for a lamb and want to know how much it will weigh. So I've been working on that. But before we get to those, I've tracked some other measures for curiosity's sake. We've slowly been growing our flock, and it shows in 2017! However, the biggest factor to having so many lambs in 2017 is that the 2016 ewes gave birth in January of 2017, and then ag

New Additions to the Farm

I have all these kick butt sheep charts I want to show you, and have been planning to write well thought out, educational, informational posts. But things keep happening. I am generally the cause of said things. Sometimes things come along. First, we have a very sick Loki, and after weeks of diagnostics, we are no closer to understanding what is causing his symptoms and how to make him feel better. One of my 2 oldest dogs can make the walk to the bus stop and back, and my youngest boy, not even 2, can't do that right now. It makes no sense. Me, being a complete and utter sucker for dogs who need homes, and finding myself in a space where none of my dogs are working anymore...answered a plea

Cash Flow

Being an animal lover, like I am, I can sometimes forget that this farm is still a business. That might be an exaggeration, but it's so easy to focus on the joy of being around animals and focusing on their well-being, that the business side of things is what I deal with in the morning over tea. We've only been at this for 10 years, and so far, our plan of the farm replacing one of our incomes has not come true. We are well over 40 now, and plans for growing the farm are different now. We are actually looking at what we can cut back. Some of our little add-ons - like canning jams and jellies - is really just a functional obsession of mine. Most of my batches of canned goods produce more than

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