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Goodbye to Dancer, but Freyja was saved

UGH, this year, April STINKS. Amidst saying goodbye to one of the best dogs ever (and the subsequent 3 days of being ignored by his brother - no worries, he has since forgiven me), learning that JoJo has a penchant for murdering young chickens, wind wreaking havoc on the farm - I also lost a lamb and a ewe. The lamb went down so fast, there was no time for me to diagnose and it was too late for treatment to help. It will always be a mystery, and I tried, but was too late. One of those times I really hate working off the farm, I might have found him sooner to save him. Damn it. At the same time I found the lamb, Dancer was down and grunting. I thought she was in labor. She had her last lambs

Saying Goodbye Again

Grief is an interesting thing. It's unpredictable. I've learned to let it go, and follow along until it wanes enough that normalcy returns. Not all grief is the same, and I've found my peace in that. I try not to fight it, because you can't, and I let grief do it's thing. It's time for me to buckle up for a bumpy ride. My first experience with grief was the loss of my GreatGram when I was 13. I beat myself up for several days for not crying. Isn't that what you are supposed to do? I couldn't cry. I was rather numb. Looking back, it was really that I could not comprehend. Until I went to her wake, and saw her laying there. Her makeup was all wrong (they had to cover some discoloration). She w

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