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Onward and Upward

It's spring. All the projects we should have been doing over winter, are still not complete. AH... we are getting older and more tired. So it's time to pare things down. I am mostly putting together this list to convince myself that we have accomplished some things this spring. We finished enough of the fencing projects to be able to get the sheep back out to pasture. So the orchard is complete. The turkey run is complete. The greenhouse fence section that was torn down, is now back up. But two other sides need to be replaced. And the greenhouse plastic needs some desperate patches. We won't be using it this year, me thinks, until it's time to put turkeys in it! Getting the orchard fence co

Chicken Sales

So, still trying to adjust for this year - sales dropped a lot last year. And I had to raise my prices, as the farm ran negative. We are beyond the growth phase of our business - we don't have many more adjustments to make when it comes to equipment and facilities. We should be cruising right now with known profit margins and an occasional bout of bad luck. So last year going off the rails with cash flow, I decided to take a look. This is chicken sales. My files actually track weight of chickens sold, so I divided by 4 to get an idea of number of chickens sold. You can see we started really climbing in sales in 2011. We must have found our target market! I wasn't raising organic chickens the

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