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What to Do with a Whole Chicken

Just as an FYI, since we fall under the USDA small farm exemption for poultry processing, we are not required by law to have our chicken processed in a USDA facility with an inspector. That means we can process our birds right here on the farm. We have had an inspector inspect our process, and we got a thumbs up from her. But there are restrictions when you are under less scrutiny when it comes to food. One of those is that we can only sell our chicken whole. We can't part them up, we can't grind it up, we have to sell them whole. We get a lot of faces at the market that walk up and ask for a pound of chicken breasts, and we have to explain why we can't do that. Often folks do walk away, bec

Dreams vs. Reality

I'm too darn young to be feeling this old. But this year has smacked me in the face a lot. Larry has injured his back again, so we feel older than we look. I've been thinking back to what we first thought we would do with this farm. We actually brought along a bucket and a towel on the day we bought this place, back in 2007. So that we could throw in the towel, kick the bucket and buy the farm all at the same time. Well, we thought it was funny. Our very first chickens! We have upgraded our brooders since then. So many dreams when we first started out. I had never raised livestock before. I had dreams of a big garden and a huge army of dogs. Larry had a dream of growing all our own food here

Bad Luck

We've had a spate of bad luck on the farm. I don't want to jinx it by thinking the tide has turned. Every time I do, something else pops up. But the unplanned death toll is getting a bit ridiculous. From Katie and JoJo killing 200 chickens and 70 turkeys, to saying goodbye to Atlas, to 4 pregnant ewes and two lambs, and one missing cat... it's no joke, 2018 SUCKS. Go Caps? Come home, Sally kitty, we miss you! Anyhow, it made me look back through time at some other unfortunate incidences. I tend to focus on the love and fun and new births on the farm. But this isn't our first time dealing with loss. An early unfortunate incident was discovering our flock had a disease called Caseous Lymphaden

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