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Too Hard to Talk About

We've had a rough year. Some simple mistakes, bad luck, and bad decisions have paved the way for some serious losses on the farm. But still, I persist. The toughest one for me to talk about was three pregnant ewes that we lost. And how surprised I was at how I felt about it. The simple truth is it was a lack of communication. Someone unlatched a grain bin. Someone else let the sheep into the yard where the grain bins are located. The grain bin had not been re-latched or checked prior to letting the sheep out. Someone came home from work to a literal ton of grain on the ground. After shooing the ship back in their barn area, and shoveling up what was left of the grain (sorry to the customer w

The Last Steer

We've have had a spotty history with raising beef. It was 2010 when we adopted Marlow, our very first steer. He was like a giant great dane, and just as friendly. We castrated him ourselves, so we didn't have a full bull on the property. He would nap with his head in my lap and we bottle fed him until he grew out of that. A round of bloat, and a long recovery, he was still a big sweetie. Then he got older. And he wasn't sweet anymore. I think Larry wanted to raise him until he was 2 and butcher him. Somewhere around 15 months he turned into an asshole. No one was safe on the pasture. I got really good at jumping over gates to get away from him, and our infant daughter never came out to the f

The Trouble with Triplets

We don't do triples very often around here, but sometimes it happens. Shirley, one of our original sheep really ruined us on triples. She gave us three sets of triples over the years, and until her last lambs, she never had an issue feeding them all. Her second set of lambs on the farm were triples, Shrek, Fiona and Donkey. We kept Donkey as a breeding ram. He did not beget us any more triples. But a few years later, Shirley had another set - Pete, Sharon and Berg. We kept Sharon, as I have a habit of keeping Shirley's offspring. Her very last set of lambs were also triplets - Gummy, Squeaky and Spike. She was unable to feed any of the three, her milk never came in. Gummy passed away as a

The Trouble With Ducks

OK, I firmly learned my lesson here. Ducks are a pain. In many ways (I still love them though!). Last year, we had a batch of ducks that were faithfully trying to sit on eggs. Often, our ducks and turkeys wander off the property to do this, and if we are unaware, some of them don't make it home. (Some of them hatch their babies successfully then wander home with their brood, much to our surprise, but I digress). So last year, when a hen sat on some eggs in the barn, where we could keep her and her brood safe from predators, we decided to let her. Unfortunately, we were working outside one day, with all the dogs in tow, and didn't realize what they would do. We love our dogs and they are grea

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