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When the Farm Flips

It's that time of the year when everything starts to flip on its head. We are bearing down for the last haul until Thanksgiving. Once we process all these turkeys, we get to hibernate. But remember when I said my brain never left hibernation mode? It hasn't, and it's really looking forward to hot chocolates again. Thank goodness for 10+ years of data and spreadsheets to keep this place moving even when my brain just wants hot chocolates and my feet just want fuzzy slippers. The end of summer is when the farm flips. We got our last batch of baby turkeys this week. That's it, no more babies. In 3 weeks, all the baby birds will be out of the barn, and we can tear the brooders down to make more

Duck Eggs

Aaah! The joy of ducks! It's such a rollercoaster. I struggle to find customers to sell duck eggs to, especially as they are laying in the late winter. When I finally find a good stream of customers and more eggs are being sold than going into the incubator, then the ladies stop laying. I think the impetus to stop laying this year had to do with one hen who went broody in the barn. So we left her there, excited about the prospect of her hatching her own ducklings. Soon she was joined by another, and another, and another, adn eventually there were 7 ducks sitting on eggs in the barn. This turned out to not be good. First, a bird sitting on a nest is typically NOT laying more eggs. Second, 7

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