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Our New Trim Chute

So the farm has been wearing us down. We originally wanted no big equipment on the farm. We never wanted to take out any loans to run it, and we never have. We did cave a few years back and buy a "tractor". It's actually a back-hoe/loader, but it does what we need it to do: dig big holes and move hay bales. We used to roll round bales by hand, with rugby tackle techniques. I can't even believe we did that. Every year in April, we have to give all our sheep vaccines. No matter how much we love them, they do not stand still and just let us poke them with needles. They also need their hooves trimmed, and again, they do not just lift up their legs and let us trim them. They are sheep - not horse

That Whole GMO Thing

I can't make everyone happy. It's frustrating. Unfortunately, I'm stupid enough to try sometimes. Sometimes I do draw the line. We decided NOT to go corn or soy free in our poultry feed. It's been too hard for us to source at the size farm we run - too small for a grain mill to make special formulas for us, and too big to buy it by the boutique 20 lb bag and make that work for us. We have walked a big down the Organic path. As a history lesson, 11 years ago, when we started our farm, organic poultry feed was not even a thing. You couldn't find it. We finally did many years ago, but were surprised at the price. It's three times the price of conventional, and even at the bulk prices we get by

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