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Plans for 2019

So in case you are new to the site, or didn't hear.... things are turned on end for us. The house fire will leave our lives in an ongoing state of inconvenience for us for likely an entire year. The good news is, we've already survived 1/3rd of that year. YAY! Only 8 months to go! I've been considering changes on the farm for some time now, and just have a hard time trying to make big changes. I won't lie, for weeks after the house burned down, I honestly considered buying a house in town. I found a few nice ones we could afford. We could put a few chickens in the backyard and know that all our new neighbors would hate our 4 large dogs who would need to adjust to life in the 'burbs. The thou

2018 Wrap Up

It's been an interesting year. I don't want to dredge up the negatives, but let's see if I can find out what we did accomplish in 2018 to help improve the farm. We know about the grain accident, that had us lose 3 pregnant ewes, and several lambs a few months after. We know about the house fire. I won't reiterate the big negatives, but this year was a challenge. Well, I also did NOT accomplish starting feed fermenting for my chickens, or a fodder set up, or my little herb garden for the turkeys. With several flat tires and other projects getting in the way, we also never moved the truck chickens out of their winter run and around the pasture. Boo hiss! We also never got new plastic put on th

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