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Goliath is Gone

I hate writing these posts. I hate saying goodbye. Today we lost a friend. With the most beautiful eyes, our Goliath. Let's go back to the beginning. We bought the farm in 2007. We got chickens. We decided we wanted sheep, but knew we needed to get livestock guardian pups to raise with them. We are big fans or rescuing dogs, and thought we would get some pups through a Pyrenees rescue. They told us they would not adopt pups to folks like us, who had no experience with Pyrenees. Sigh. Two weeks later, they called us. They had a breeder in Missouri who bred Pyrs for livestock guarding, and she was in trouble and needed to rehome all of her dogs. Boom. 21 hours in the car, and we brought home o


I've been hesitating to post this until I had answers. Today I got them. We have only sent an animal to CSU for Necropsy 3 times. One was a calf that died of Tetanus (Ferdinand), but some symptoms presented similarly to rabies, so a necropsy was recommended, because if he had rabies, my daughter and I would have been required to go through fabulous rounds of stomach injections. Willow with Mama Mara That was the only easy necropsy of the the three. The second was also a calf (Blutarski), who died suddenly. It took CSU a very long time to finally find a rare and odd infection in a lymph node. There were no outward symptoms, and they really spent a lot of time looking. I think it took them ove

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