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Farm 2.0

I hadn't realized the depth of some recent happenings until I started looking at numbers. The losses of Goliath and Marcia were bigger deals than I had thought (my brain isn't letting my heart process this right now, too much stress in my life). Marcia was the last of our original sheep, and Goliath was the last of our first farm dogs. This means we are suddenly on Generation 2 of the farm. Previous to these losses (and they aren't really lost, we know where they are) I had been attempting to put together family trees of my sheep flock. Much to my surprise, with the loss of Angel, Betty and Juno last year, saying goodbye to Marcia at age 11 puts Sharon as our oldest ewe, and she's only 7! I

The Struggle is Real

I have a confession to make. I never wanted to start a farm. I wanted to start a dog rescue. I remember when we first saw the land that came with our house, before we even made an offer... my first thoughts looking out on 6 acres (after living on a 60' x 120' lot in the 'burbs) was "imagine all the DOGS we could have!" Larry's first thought was "think of all the food we can grow!" Sigh. I have a very real and very strong desire to be surrounded by dogs. I love them. I love them more than I love most people. Dogs are just the best. I need more dogs. We currently have the fewest dogs we have ever had as a married couple, and the struggle is real. I need more dogs. I bought my first house at 2

More goodbyes

This week, we are taking 6 sheep in for processing. This is what we do, it's not huge news. However, there are a few tough goodbyes in this batch. First, we decided to let go of Millenium Falcon. She was born in 2017, with the Star Wars crew. She has yet to get pregnant, and ewes younger than her have gone on to have one, if not two successful pregnancies in this time frame. Not sure if something is wrong there, or if she's just good at evading the boys. But she will be sent along to be processed. We had high hopes for her, she was one of a set of triplets, from one of our super stars, Sharon. She is granddaughter to Shirley, and our flock has a lot of Shirley genetics still in it. Her broth

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