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WE ARE SPARTANS! Just kidding, although I am. (Go Green, Go White) I was looking at my sheep spreadsheet, which is one of my favorite spreadsheets to look at. And I realized that our last little lamby that was born, Peter Gabriel, became the 300th lamb born on the farm! 300 lambs! My life has been blessed by meeting, getting to know and loving 300 lambs born on my farm! Aw! We love lambs! Welcome to the farm, Peter Gabriel! He's the cute little mostly white lamb, very standard looking dorper. His mom is Skadi, who is a lamb I kept from Marcia, one of the ewes we bought in 2008. Marcia was part Suffolk and Dorper. Skadi's dad was Jason Stathram, who was a full blooded Dorper. Therefore, Skadi

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