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The Trouble with Triplets 2.0

You may recall me discussing our history with triplet lambs here. It's January, 2020, and we are just getting into lambing season. So far this month, we have already had 2 sets of triplets. These were both surprises, but maybe they should not have been. Onyx is a lamb we bought a few years ago from another farm. Oola is daughter to Cindy, who we lost several years ago. Oola has a bad history and is on my cull list. Neither seemed to have triplets in their history. What they had in common was me thinking for at least 3 weeks that they SHOULD have already given birth! Their udders grew so HUGE that I always thought "tonight should be the night!" And it never was. I should never doubt Shanno

Taking the Pigs to Market

This little piggy was named Spanky. And this little piggy was named Buckwheat. And this little piggy got right into the trailer. And this little piggy climbed in 3 times and hopped back out. This is the story of our 12 little piggies who are ANYTHING but small, and our first adventure at loading them into the trailer. Our first 3 little piggies were so small, that I brought them home in a dog crate. I thought they were the cutest things (apparently, my brain forgot all about baby lambs in this moment). They were petrified of the dogs and the dogs wanted to desperately to touch them and smell them and hold onto them, and name them George, that they spent what felt like an eternity squealing a

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