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What the @%*! UGH!

So MANY triplets! What is in the water this year! Onyx not only surprised us with triplets, she surprised us with their size and the fact that she is taking great care of all three of them. They have just had their first round of vaccines, and they are going great. Then Oola, with a raging case of mastitis, has triplets too! They all got a little cold and spent their first night in the house. The boys went out with mom, who adopted them back, and have been outside ever since. Fireball, seen above with all of Onyx's triplets, spent quite some time in the house and is now outside, too. Oola's babies are getting supplemented with milk, with Firestar depending on it. The weather was warm and eve

The Biggest and the Littlest

Taking care of our super sweet Firestar made me start thinking of lambs and data. She was born at 3.5 pounds, and another triplet born just a few weeks prior was born at 14 pounds. Those two are at wild ends of the spectrum for lamb sizes. It made me (spreadsheet nerd) want to know our biggest and our smallest lambs born ever. It turns out, they both happened last year, in April and May. Firestar makes me think a lot about teeny tiny Tina Turner, who was born at only 2 pounds. If I could go back in time, I would have brought her into the house, like Firestar, and kept her inside as long as I needed to. I really shouldn't beat myself up, we didn't have a house on the farm, and it was May, no

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