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Never Say Never

Remember that time we said we would never ever ever raise cattle again? Remember when Mooku and Lando destroyed $3000 worth of fencing? Remember when we lost Ferdinand to Tetanus? And Blutarski to some random lymph node infection? And remember Malignant Catarrhal Fever that killed Bridget, and ultimately, Otter, too? Remember all the lambs whose legs we had to splint because these doofy oafs step on them at the hay feeder, and don't mean to hurt them. (All the lambs have turned out just fine!) Never say never on a farm. Heck, we decided to do pigs last year. And they drove me batty. We have decided not to breed them, and said we'd never have them in winter again, but when these two cuties p

Saying Goodbye to Sharon

It's like losing Shirley all over again! We had a rough morning this weekend. It was even my birthday. We had triplets and twins born the night before, and lost one to the cold. I had gone out to the barn to check on the remaining lambs, and feed one that was orphaned (Drax) as well as Firestar and her brothers. I thought I was having a nice relaxing morning visiting with my sheep. Just to see that Sharon appeared to be in labor. I went to move her into the barn to see something hanging out her backside and it was NOT a lamb. TRIGGER WARNING: the upcoming images are graphic. Her vagina had prolapsed, and she is very very pregnant. Of course, I had to hustle my daughter to a Girl Scout cookie

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