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Stewards of our Land

I have always felt it an honor and an obligation to take the best care of our little piece of land that I can. Last year, I signed up for an online series of classes with CSU all about land stewardship. There were many things I knew already - and knew we needed to do. But this finally kicked my butt into doing it, and learning new things along the way. I took classes on soil health, pasture grasses, weed identification and even animal emergencies and how to prep for evacuation. It was a great series of classes I took when I had time, and I really did learn a lot. I purchased seed to plant in some of the dead areas of our pasture - the right kind of seed for our livestock and our climate. I l

We were ready for this...

I remember a day a long time ago... we got a bucket, and a towel. We kicked the former, and threw the latter. 'Cause we bought the farm. Get it? (Kicked the bucket? Threw in the towel? Bought the farm?) We thought it was funny. We talked of a lot of things back then. Buffalo (ha ha ha), alpaca, vegetables, grains for bread, and more. I, naively, called us the "new pioneers." A brave new generation that was taking back the land, learning to support ourselves like our forebears did. Learning to can pickles like an awesome grandma, learning to butcher chickens (also like an awesome grandma), extending seasonal growing in our greenhouse, building coops. Man, I just wanted to grow up to be an

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