Our Livestock Guardians


Loki is part Great Pyrenees, and part Colorado Mountain Dog. He was purchased to allow Atlas and Goliath to retire. He's the biggest and friendliest dog we've ever owned. His instincts mean he won't allow a coyote to cross the fence, but he's super sweet with all our visitors.


Livestock Guardians


Nope, this is NOT a livestock guardian. This is Larry's German Shepherd. Maybe she'll help us herd animals as needed, but for now, she's just a pup and is learning the ropes!



Odin is a rescue. We weren't looking for a pup, but knew we needed one. We're not 100% sure what he is, but we are 100% sure we love him. Definitely part Pyrenees. His instincts are perfect, he loves to guard baby animals, and is going to be just as big as his brothers.