Our Story

Welcome to Long Shadow Farm! We are a small, family-owned farm nestled in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. We raise animals, try to grow fruits and veggies, and learn new things every day. On these pages, you’ll find out our story, learn more about our methodologies, our animals, and see what we are doing to make a difference. We hope you enjoy the visit, and hope to see you soon.

Long Shadow Farm began in the summer of 2007. We purchased our farm with the intent of learning to sustain ourselves off the land. In the process, we have shared the fruits of our labors with neighbors and friends, and are continuing to grow our little farm each year. We had a lot of ideas of what we wanted to try to raise, from Alpaca and Buffalo, to cut flowers. We’ve sort of evolved as we have gone along to what we are now. We raise lamb, chickens for meat and eggs, ducks for eggs, as well as turkeys.

We have soft hearts for all animals, dirt under our nails from working the soil, and a genuine interest in making our little piece of the planet better. Make no mistake, farming is neither glamorous nor easy, but when you succeed, it is so worth it.

A little bit about our name – it kind of came to me on a whim. After a long day of working on the farm, as the sun started to set behind the Rockies – a double entendre came to me. Long Shadow Farm. We have a wonderful view of Long’s Peak straight to the west of our pasture. And as we work tirelessly, morning and night, we see the sun cast our shadows long in the morning and in the evening – thus, Long Shadow Farm was born.

Come by and enjoy our amazing products as well as great events and activities all year long. Read on to learn more about our operations, products and activities.