Pasture raised pigs, supplemented with brewer's grain, raw milk, eggs and veggies. Pork can be purchased in halves or wholes, with a deposit taken up front.  Pork will be $4.00/lb hanging weight PLUS processing costs, which depends entirely on how you have it processed.  Visit Arapahoe's website to see their processing cost break down.

Pork by the half or whole is sold out until 2022. You can purchase it by the cut on the farm or at the Farmer's Market, but a farm share purchase is required first. Want to buy retail cuts? Our pricing is here

 Pigs are dropped off at Arapahoe Meat Co. in Lafayette for custom processing for you. Pork will be picked up by you at Arapahoe Meat Co and processing fees paid directly to Arapahoe. Pork is typically done processing 7-10 days after we drop them off, and Arapahoe appreciates meat being picked up within 7 days of completion.

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For 2021, we have a combination of Kune Kune pigs, and York/Landrace crosses. These are  pigs that forage well on grasses, and don't necessarily tear everything up. We've put them into our greenhouse area, which is overgrown with foxtail grasses. If they do tear it up, it will help us replant a garden there in the future!

Growth and Feeding
Our pigs have access to a grassy, fenced in area where they can roam, root, chew and play. They are supplemented with brewers grains, raw milk, eggs and veggies. 

Pork can be cut specially for you. We take a deposit before we drop the pig off at the processor. Let us know special cut instructions, and sausage requests and we will include them in the butchering. Final balance due upon pick up of the meat.