Meat Pricing

Meat can be sold either by whole or half animals, where you pick up directly from the processor. This is the most cost effective way to purchase meat, and will fill your freezers with meat cut to your specifications.

We can also sell meat by the cut on the farm or at the farmer's market per SB21-79. This does require that you OWN a part of the animal before it is butchered. SO, you'll need to buy a farm share first. We will bring meat to the Farmer's Market in late June through September. Farm Share owners will get a weekly reminder to let us know what cuts you want us to bring to market for you to purchase, or you can select from what I have brought with me. Prices are listed below.

To buy retail by the cut, you must own a share of the farm

Grass Fed Lamb

Chops                       $16/lb

Leg                            $14/lb

Shoulder                   $14/lb

Ribs                           $12/lb

Shank                        $10/lb

Ground                     $10/lb

Stew                          $10/lb

Pastured Pork

Chops                       $12/lb

Ribs                           $10/lb

Steaks                       $10/lb

Roasts                       $10/lb

Bacon                         $9/lb

Stew                           $7/lb

Sausage                     $7/lb

Grass Fed Beef

Premium Steaks       $16/lb

Steaks                       $14/lb

Roasts                       $12/lb

Brisket                       $10/lb

Ribs                           $10/lb

Stew                            $9/lb

Ground                       $9/lb

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Pastured Eggs

Chicken Eggs            $5/dz

Duck Eggs                 $7/dz