Boulder Food Rescue

January 2, 2018

This is a rescue we can really support! Last night, we attended the 5th annual Feast of Fermentation. It was hosted by the Boulder Food Rescue. This is a non-profit organization that "rescues" perfectly good food, that would otherwise be thrown away, and they get it to communities in need. One of the statistics they quoted last night is that every DAY they move, mostly by bicycle, 1500 pounds of food, and get them to communities where hunger is real.


Hunger is real. We tried to explain this to our daughter last night, about why this is so important. First, as farmers ourselves, food waste is unexceptable. We continue to discuss with Shannon about how much food she puts on her plate, and that we don't throw away food in this house. Remember when you were little and your mom used to tell you that there were starving children in (insert country here), so you should clean your plate?  Well, there are starving people right here. We also tried to explain to her how it might feel to be hungry in school all day long. There are hungry families in our community.


This organization is amazing. This is what happens when people see an issue, and start to make real change. These folks are helping to eliminate a waste stream that doesn't need to exist, and are helping folks in our community that are in need.


We have our own groups, right here in Berthoud that are helping feed people, too. Berthoud Local hosts a community garden in Pioneer Park - most of the produce gets donated to the House of Neighborly Service to also help families in need.


Last night's event was really great. We found out about it as they asked us to donate chickens for the dinner portion of last night's event. Even beer and liquor vendors donated for last night. It got us thinking more about how we could raise food for folks in need, and how we can better support organizations in our community. Don't worry, we're working on it.

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