New Additions to the Farm

March 13, 2018

I have all these kick butt sheep charts I want to show you, and have been planning to write well thought out, educational, informational posts. But things keep happening.


I am generally the cause of said things. Sometimes things come along.


First, we have a very sick Loki, and after weeks of diagnostics, we are no closer to understanding what is causing his symptoms and how to make him feel better.  One of my 2 oldest dogs can make the walk to the bus stop and back, and my youngest boy, not even 2, can't do that right now. It makes no sense.



Me, being a complete and utter sucker for dogs who need homes, and finding myself in a space where none of my dogs are working anymore...answered a plea to give two working dogs a home. They are sweet girls, with no house manners, and not used to being in a yard. It's been fun chasing them over the neighborhood, ticking off all my neighbors and trying to rein them in. Hotwire around the back yard seems to be doing the trick, but now they are scared of the backyard as the ground can bite, according to them. My intro to Katie and JoJo can be seen here. They are a work in progress.








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June 18, 2020

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