Turkey Harvest is Coming Soon

October 25, 2018

I had a much different frame of mind this time last year. Yes, this is still our last big push until we get to hibernate for the winter. My problem last year is that my body still thinks we are hibernating from last year. ALL summer long, all I wanted was a warm fire and a cup of hot chocolate and to be covered by blankets. Sigh.


It's that time on the farm where turkey poop is prevalent, and we always underestimate how much these dang birds can EAT. It's INSANE. But they don't know that they get the ultimate winter rest - the forever kind. 


I love these birds and their silly antics. But it's no joke that they start to get on our nerves this time of year. Sleeping on our trailers and pooping all over them. Sleeping on top of our vehicles and pooping all over them. Sleeping on top of fences and ...  gotcha! bending the fences over (and pooping all over them). They are such hard work. 


But in a few weeks, we will start the long weekend of saying goodbye. 


I don't get a warm fire and a pile of blankets and my big leather couch to look forward to this year. I don't get a big pantry full of foods to pull from for Thanksgiving. OH, this is not a pity party. But Thanksgiving will be completely different for us this year.   But enough about that. 


We need help! Like every year, to get through our harvest, we need extra hands on the farm. If you can help November 16, 17 or 18 - we would love it. Plucking feathers, bagging finished birds, interfacing with customers, catching wily birds, anything you can do is helpful, and helps us get through an estimated 150 birds we need to complete in one weekend. If you are interested, sign up here. We will feed you. We will provide drinks - the grown up and not grown up kind. And I guarantee, there will be turkey antics.


We'd love to see you on the farm. It's our biggest weekend of the year - and then we get to rest up for winter.





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