We're supposed to be HIBERNATING

November 28, 2018

My favorite time of year is when we finish turkey processing, and relatively shut down the farm for a while. It's true, we always have product to sell, but in the winter, folks don't drive out to the farm as much, no markets. We sell lamb and chicken when we can, but for the most part, we shut down. And we sleep in sometimes!


I look forward to fires in the fireplace, mommy's special hot chocolates (the adult kind that my kid can't have), a good movie, and bringing all the dogs inside to warm up by the fire.




That ain't happenin', folks!


So, no wood burning stove this year. No big dogs or cats in the house. I can have my hot chocolates and a movie. But it just isn't the same. 


But not only that, we still have too many turkeys! I can't believe it, I am usually so very organized. And this year, darn it, I miscounted the turkeys! We have a bunch in the freezer still, and 30+ on the ground that gotta go.  It'll be one less chore to manage to get these turks done, and off to folks' kitchens so that can make glorious dinners out of them!


So, this weekend, Friday, from 1-4, and Sunday from 9-2, we'll be on the farm selling turkeys. If the weather holds out, Saturday, December 8 from 8-2, we'll be taking care of the rest of the turkeys and getting them sold, too. HOPEFULLY, after that - we can start to hibernate!



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