Another Poultry Show!

November 7, 2019

 The Colorado Poultry Association is hosting a poultry show in November, at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. This is where Shannon shows birds for 4H each summer. We decided to pop in for this show, too.  Midnight was Reserve Grand Champion at the 4H fair, so we are taking her along. 


This means birdie bath time in winter. YIKES! We'll get their crib set up this weekend with spacious crates, tubs for bathing and heat lamps for staying warm and drying off.


Shannon is taking Midnight, and two of her male companions, a pair of Pekin ducks,  as well as Hahn - our little bantam rooster.


She lost the rest of her show birds, and silly pet birds to a coyote pack nearby.


We'll be replacing her Houdans and her Speckled Sussexes so she'll have more birds to show and sell at the fair next summer.


Midnight's boyfriends will be available for sale, for anyone that might be interested! But Midnight is a special girl, we'll be breeding with her in the spring, so she's coming home with us!


You can find out more about the show, stop in and meet Shannon and her birds, or learn more with me about Scratch and Peck feeds at the show!


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