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Barn Cats

We keep an array of barn cats on the house to tackle mice and vole issues. And because apparently, we really like cats


Maia and Oreo

This brother and sister pair are amazing. We adopted them before the house fire, and they stayed on the farm, living in the barn, the shed, and the mobile home until the real house got completed. They help with chores, and keep mice out of the barn.

True farm cats, they come and go as they please, but can often be found sleeping on our bed.


Orange Kitty

This cat appeared one day under our shed. It took a few days to get her out, we got her spayed and then she never wanted us to touch her again. She lived under the shed for a while. She moved in across the street, and we actually thought she disappeared, too. When those neighbors moved away, they gave her to a different neighbor, who brought her home. Still super shy, she's coming out of her shell and is currently a house kitty.



Pumpkin and her sister Savannah are foster failures. Their litter and their mother were attacked by a dog. They came to me for rehabilitation, and some conditioning to get used to people and dogs. We ended up keeping them. 

Pumpkin is very shy, and is our fluffiest kitty on the farm. 


Sherlock and Mycroft

These two are another pair that were found born under someone's deck. They needed a home. I'm a sucker for kittens. 

Now we have these two goofballs. Sherlock, the stripey one, is your standard, friendly cat. He loves to be petted and goes outside to hunt mice.

Mycroft, the silver one, is a beautiful boy. He does NOT like being outside. You can only pet him if he is in the right mood. 

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