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Special Requests for Lamb Harvesting

Lambs 4-6 months old are $275

Lambs 6-9 months old are $300

Lambs 9-12 months old are $325

​$50 additional fee for us to process on our farm. 

We stock standard cuts of lamb in our freezers year-round. These can be purchased as individual cuts, or as whole or half lamb packages at a discounted price. Please see our price list for pricing information. Lamb can be purchased on the farm, or at the farmer's market.

If you have a special request for a lamb, please use the form below to start the conversation about reserving a lamb. Special requests may mean that you want a lamb processed at a custom processing facility (we use Arapahoe Meat Company) You may want special cuts (like a french rack) that we don't carry, or you may just want to arrange to have a lamb processed and picked up at the processor. 

You may also want the lamb processed on the farm. Maybe you want to take home the whole lamb carcass to cook over a spit. Maybe you need Halal butchering, and need to slaughter the lamb yourself. We can accommodate all of these requests.  If you are coming to the farm to assist in slaughter, payment is due at the time you leave with your lamb. If we are taking a lamb to a facility to be processed for you, a $100 deposit is required in advance. We will not take the lamb to the processor without this being paid. The balance is due when you pick up the lamb. If you are coming to the farm to slaughter, but want to ensure a specific lamb is reserved for you, a $100 deposit will be required.

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