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Livestock Guardians

To help protect our livestock from predators like coyotes and eagles, we have several livestock guardians on the farm. They keep the animals safe by keeping the predators from coming onto the farm. It's a nice balance that keeps our critters safe, and honestly, WE LOVE DOGS! It's a great reason to give some big, fluffy dogs a good home! Let's meet the team!



Loki is part Great Pyrenees, and part Colorado Mountain Dog. He was purchased to allow Atlas and Goliath to retire. He's the biggest and friendliest dog we've ever owned. His instincts mean he won't allow a coyote to cross the fence, but he's super sweet with all our visitors.

He mostly keeps to himself, and loves the back deck, as he can see the entire farm! He has an autoimmune disease called Immune-Mediated Polyarthritis, that sometimes needs treatment and he can't really work. So he needs help!



Odin is a rescue. We weren't looking for a pup, but knew we needed one. We're not 100% sure what he is, but we are 100% sure we love him. Definitely part Pyrenees. His instincts are perfect, he loves to guard baby animals, and this pup really turns on the charm. He loves people, but also tells the coyotes and predatory birds that they should go elsewhere



Seamus is a Turkish Boz/Anatolian Shepherd. He is what we call a "foster failure", sort of. He was just supposed to be here temporarily. There were some challenges at first, but he has discovered he is a livestock guardian and is now helping Loki and Odin watch the farm



Nope, Skadi is not a livestock guardian, but she is Larry's German Shepherd. She helps me with chores sometimes and hopefully will help herd when needed. She's also here to play fetch!

Dwight and Banshee

Dwight and Banshee are Great Pyrenees that started their life on a poultry farm. They are ready to get to work, and love hanging out with Seamus and learning the ropes. Poultry safe, but still learning how to manage sheep!

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