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Dedications to the farm workers we have lost

We've had this farm since 2007. We've lost a lot of friends along the way. This is a space where we can remember and honor them.


2019 - 2022

Dirac was a mouser on the farm. I'd say Barn Cat, but he lived with us in the mobile home and our new house after the fire. He was a silly cat, but also a great mouser. He made friends with all the dogs and kittens. Everyone needs a good black cat in their life, and he had a weird health issue that took him way too soon.


2014 - 2021

Hercules was Great Pyrenees mixed with Saint Bernard and a bit of Akbash. He was a livestock guardian, and was deaf. Due to his hearing, he was not very effective as a guardian. But he could snore like a champ! He was a great companion, loved caring for baby animals and is sorely missed on the farm.


2010 - 2021

Moose was just my big mutt, and my pet. He was never intended to be an LGD, but his very large presence did dissuade the coyotes. He also cleared the farm of rabbits, and just generally was an all around friendly addition to the farm.

Farm Party May 2013 015.JPG

2007 - 2019

Goliath was Atlas' brother, both of which were rescued in 2007 when they were only 10 weeks old. Goliath was the alarm bell, and first line of defense against predators. He was a happy boy, and we miss his smile every day.


Katniss, Ginger, Lynx

2014 - 2018

These three kitties were our indoor mousing crew. Katniss was the mama, and Lynx was even born on the farm. They all came to us in 2014, and perished in our house fire in 2018. They kept each other safe, but no mouse, vole or small bird was safe around them! We miss them all dearly.

Screenshot 2022-01-07 155003.png

2007 - 2018

Atlas was one of our two original livestock guardians. He was born in 2007, and he and his brother worked to keep the farm safe from predators. Atlas was a special farm dog, who would be happier no where else in the world. We loved him for his grumpiness, but great instincts around the animals.



2004 - 2015

Nina was a beautiful shepherd we rescued when she was 10. She had mammary cancer and her family left her at a shelter. All healed up from surgery, she came to say with us for her twilight years. Quirky, and my shadow, she was a fun girl.



1998 - 2013

Athena was Larry's female shepherd. Smart, loyal, well trained - he rescued her from a life of abuse and neglect. Always eager to please, she wanted nothing more than to be at Larry's side. A super athletic and energetic girl.

random dog photos 008.jpg


1998 - 2010

There aren't words to describe Hobbes. My Baby Bear, my big goofball. Always lovable, always fun. He always knew just what I needed. At my side whenever I needed him and always willing to do chores in the dark, go for a long hike, or sleep on my feet to keep them warm.

Hobbes last day 010.JPG


1995 - 2009

Grish was Larry's German Shepherd. Well trained and disciplined, and also huge and grumpy. He had many adventures with Larry, and destroyed many a pair of pants in his lifetime. He broke up dog fights, and generally tried to keep law and order on the farm.

winter 2006 008_edited.jpg


1992 - 2008

Ditka was my first dog. A great companion whether we were hanging out on the couch, going hiking or camping or driving across country. This little misfit could go just about anywhere with me. The attitude of a Rottweiler, and the howl of Beagle.

smiley ditka.jpg
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