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Poultry Processing

Per the USDA Small Farm Exemption

We process all our poultry here on the farm. The State of Colorado and the USDA have a small farm exemption that means we can raise and process up to 1000 birds per year on our farm.  

There are some limitations to that allowance. Mostly, we are only allowed to sell direct to consumer, no retail. We can only sell the birds whole - we can't part them out into cuts. Plus we have some other labelling and record keeping requirements.

We do allow folks to come on processing day to learn how to butcher their own birds. Check the calendar for butcher dates and contact us to learn more.

Folks often ask what we use when we process. Water. That's it. The birds get rinsed in water. We don't spray them or dip them in any chemicals. Just water. They do get packaged in a food-grade shrink plastic, we haven't figured out how to get around using plastic there. But if you want to come on butcher day and take yours home in a paper bag, that is up to you!

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