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Baby Chicks and Ducklings

We hatch baby chicks and ducklings from our flock in the spring.

2024 Breeds

Chicken: Large Fowl: Rhode Island Red and Barn Yard Crosses, 

Bantams: Dutch Bantams

Duck: Silver Appleyard, Pekin and crosses

Quail: Coturnix Quail

All baby birds are sold straight-run, as we are unable to effectively determine sex at the time of hatching. Due to the vial size for poultry vaccines, it is not suitable for us to vaccinate our small batch hatches, so chicks are not vaccinated.


Chicken Chicks

Large Fowl: $8
Bantams: $6


Quail Chicks

As Hatched - $5



As Hatched - $10

2024 Hatch Schedule
Please note that we hatch turkey poults, but we do not sell them


  • We hatch all our own replacement hens and ducks for all of our flocks

  • We raise a limited number of breeds so that we can hatch our own birds

  • The Rhode Island Reds are the production flock for Long Shadow Farm, all other breeds are my daughter's 4H show birds

  • In 2017, we ran 735 eggs through our incubator

  • These were 254 chicken eggs, 245 turkey eggs and 235 duck eggs

  • From those, we successfully hatched: 170 chicks, 167 ducklings and 73 poults (turkey eggs can be tough to hatch!)

  • Overall our fertility rate was 85%, and our hatch rate was 69%

  • We had 2 duck hens hatch 4 ducklings, and they co-raised them all!

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