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Turkeys are coming...

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

People have been asking!! Turkey reservations for Thanksgiving ARE coming!

The reservation site is going to launch August 28. You won't be able to get in until then, but when it goes live, you can see it here

We also have the volunteer link open. If you want to learn how to process poultry, or just lend a hand on the busiest day of our year - Kristin is often tied up with customers, so Larry needs some extra hands getting the job done on the turkeys! Volunteer for a farm work day here.

As per usual, our freezers should be stocked with everything else as well - beef (new beef coming in soon) pork, chicken, lamb. We should be well stocked up to fill your Thanksgiving table AND your freezer for winter.

It's been a fun year of hatching turkeys. AND Shannon's turkeys took Grand and Reserve Champion of the turkeys at the Boulder County Fair for 4H. We really are hoping next year we can show birds in person. Even though our prettiest birds are unique colors and can't be shown as a breed standard, we love our unique color combinations we get on the farm!

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