Summer Summer Summertime!

Time to sit back and unwind.

Said no farmer, ever. Between work, Shannon's rotation of summer camps (can't let an only child not spend time with kids all summer!), and the ever changing shape of the animal situation on our farm, there is never time to unwind. Well, maybe when I am staring into a boiling pot of something tasty I am canning.

Because yes, canning season is upon us, too. Who can keep up around here.

So, between my baby-bird schedule getting jacked around because of a little vacation, I now have more baby birds in my barn than my brooder can handle, and had to put some into a quickly devolving brooder made from straw bales. Thank goodness for heat plates and thermostats!

The turkeys are getting bigger and bigger, and our second batch of meat birds for the year is in the middle of being processed. The juggling, and all the balls in the air... It feels like insanity sometimes.

But before I know it, things will be wrapping up for the fall. I am starting to contemplate setting a date for butchering my extra drakes. SO MANY DUCKS. And I started getting sad at the thought of Count Mooku's inevitable future coming up in October. And I set appointments for July, August and November for more lambs to get processed. We've tipped the scales, there are more animals going than there are coming. But that just makes way for more babies next year. Of course, there is still the possibility of a fall batch of lambs, anytime after August, my January mamas might be mamas again, if C3PO and Han Solo have anything to say about it, those boys mean BUSINESS.

Just a mid-day ramble. And a tiny little shout out... did you know we have a youtube channel? Here's my latest, which is not at all interesting to anyone BUT me. And people 2 or 3 people out there that like cats.

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